Guitar and Strings buyer's assistance

The easy playability is definitely a prerequisite for a successful learning process. Also, the quality of the strings plays an important role. Therefore: we prepare the desired guitar before your visit, we provide new strings and check the playability. After your test, we can still have your instrument adjusted to your needs by our professional guitar maker. Mehr lesen…

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guitar lessons

It’s best if you come to my studio and learn directly from me about the nature and style of my lessons. We can discuss the price. Normally, it’s €45 for a 50-minute lesson. However, for me, enthusiasm and dedication are more important. Mehr lesen…
€ 45.00 / Stunde

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Looking for the perfect studio to bring your podcast to life? Look no further than proMúsica! We offer the best acoustics and high-quality microphones to ensure your voice is clear and crisp. Our state-of-the-art software and hardware guarantee flawless quality. Mehr lesen…
Sound Engineer €40 per hour. Studio €10,00 per hour

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proMúsica Studio offers high-quality sound recordings thanks to our excellent equipment. Our Feurich Grand 179 Dynamic II and high-quality Soyuz microphones ensure top-notch sound quality. With a great acoustic environment and a quiet location, we can guarantee you a high-quality recording. Mehr lesen…
Depending on the project complexity.

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The proMúsica Studio, the perfect place for your rehearsals! Our rehearsal room is equipped with a Feurich Flügel 179 Dynamic II, which is regularly tuned and maintained to provide you with the best possible sound experience. The acoustics in our space are excellent and ensure optimal sound quality during your rehearsals. Mehr lesen…
€13,00 per hour