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Nathalie Peña-Comas

Nathalie Peña-Comas, a Latin Grammy-Nominee soprano from the Dominican Republic, has gained recognition for her performances in various countries, including opera roles in Europe and her home country. She has collaborated with prestigious orchestras and artists, receiving awards for her classical singing.
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Diego Posse

Diego Posse & Natalia Orduz - Nueva latitud (proMúsica Wien 2023)
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Guillaume Pasch

Guillaume Pasch (born in 1985) studied concert violin at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, as well as at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, Russia. His teachers included Dora Schwarzberg, Josef Hell, Marina Keselman, and Siegfried Führlinger. Chamber music lessons with Valentin Erben (member of the Alban Berg Quartet) inspired Guillaume to found the Arco Quartet Vienna.
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Pablo Rojas

Pablo, born in Pasto, Colombia, studied piano at Universidad de Antioquia and the University of Music and Performing Arts under professors Carlos Rivera, Michael Lipp, and Harald Ossberger. He’s a prize-winning pianist, soloing with orchestras like the Symphonic Orchestra of Colombia.
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